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Terms & Definitions


A page with a combination of HTML code and PHP. It is used to generate web site pages.


A system structural unit with a special set of objectives. A Module would typically have an interface and business function. Module examples are: Search, Photo Gallery, Menu ¹,Upload Documents, FAQ's, News, etc.

System Objects

Orbit CMS business logic objects that are responsible for the database information management. For example, the Upload Documents object manages uploaded documents.

Administration interface

The site management area. Using the administration interface, the administrator can add / delete / edit pages, manage site content, etc.

Page content

Text or a text and an image associated with a particular section.


A customised interface integrated into Orbit to offer site owners control over specific content of the website. A bespoke management interface for specific functions.

¹ Orbit uses Milonic DHTML Menu as a default Menu Module

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