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Along with all of the standard features and functionality that you would expect from a professional CMS, Orbit is a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Content Management System that has been specifically designed to support 'white hat' SEO best practices, making it easier for search engines to discover, crawl and index your site.

The search engines are constantly changing as they strive to provide users with the most relevant and timely search results. Our ongoing quest for improving Orbit to ensure it remains the most SEO friendly CMS is no different

We know how vital it is to stay on top of the latest advances in search engine technologies and we’re constantly enhancing Orbit to ensure it continues to deliver the most optimised code and content to the search engines. Plus, with page load speed set to become an increasingly important ranking factor we are currently implementing a variety of enhancements that will ensure Orbit users are well placed to take full advantage of imminent changes.

Some of Orbit’s search engine friendly CMS features include:

  • Search Engine friendly URLs for all pages, including product and category pages commonly found in e-Commerce sites.
  • Fully customisable page titles and meta tags generated in the preferred order for search engines.
  • Use of absolute URLs for all internal links to prevent potential duplicate content and canonicalisation issues.
  • The ability to rewrite existing URL's to preserve the Internet footprint of existing websites that are transferred to Orbit.
  • Robots tags are unique to each page, making it possible to prevent spiders indexing certain pages or section of your site. Ability to write Search Engine Friendly URL's for category and product pages.
  • All JavaScript and CSS code is contained in external files, helping to reduce the amount of code per page so that search engines aren’t bogged down by long style sheets or bulky scripts when crawling your site.
  • Dynamically generated HTML stored both in static HTML pages and dynamically in the database, eliminating the long and meaningless query string URLs frowned upon by the search engines. This also serves to reduce server load and improve site speed.
  • Optimised internal linking structure. All files on the site are interlinked to aid search engine crawling and avoid orphaned files.
  • Auto-generation of onsite HTML sitemap and Google Sitemap to aid site indexing.
  • Auto-generated meta data for dynamic product and category pages.
  • Output of XHTML 1.0 compliant code - all Orbit CMS code is W3C validated to aid search engine visibility and ensure cross-browser consistency.
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