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When it comes to content management we know there’s no such thing as a one size fits all solution. That’s why we’ve developed Orbit as a modular content management system - simply start with a base Orbit CMS installation and then add extra functionality as you require through our extensive selection of modules.

Adopting a modular approach allows us to scope a project according to your specific requirements, providing you with the exact level of functionality you require and ensuring you only pay for the functionality you need.

Modules are used to extend the core installation of Orbit to produce professional websites of varying complexity, from simple brochure sites to blogs and complex e-commerce portals. Plus, with a dedicated focus on development we are constantly creating new modules to meet client requirements and take advantage of the latest advances in web technology.

Orbit's modules are available in two categories - Standard modules and Advanced modules. As part of your base Orbit installation you'll receive all Standard modules of your choice free of charge, with additional Advanced modules available for purchase according to your requirements.

For full details of all modules currently offered in Orbit take a look at our Standard modules and Advanced modules.


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