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Seekom Integration

Seekom is a sophisticated booking management solution that gives you the ability to offer customers real-time availability and instant confirmation of bookings directly on your website.

Hosted Seekom Integration Solution

Our Hosted Seekom Integration Solution is designed specifically to provide owners of rental car or accommodation websites with a seamless web-based online booking system. The Seekom solution handles all aspects of the online enquiry and booking process, including secure logging and storage of credit card details. Furthermore, our Seekom solution makes it easy for you to manage availability and car descriptions and images via one centralised interface.

This Seekom integration service gives you total control over the look and feel of the online booking section of your website, delivering a fully integrated and seamless user experience that is customised to match you existing branding and website design.

Remote Seekom Integration Solution

Our Remote Seekom Integration Solution is designed for use by accommodation providers and rental car websites. Unlike our hosted Seekom solution which integrates all Seekom functionality fully within your own website, our remote Seekom integration solution presents the Seekom interface to your customers via an iFrame, meaning that you are not able to customise the standard look and feel of the user interface to match your brand or website.


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