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Key Features & Benefits

  • FREE lifetime upgrades 
    Orbit CMS is provided as Software as a Service (SaaS). We manage the IT infrastructure, provide FREE on-going software upgrades, and offer a variety of support options. Your subscription means you benefit from all of the new features and functionality that we regularly develop. There is no need to pay for or install new versions of the software – we do it all for you;  all you need to manage is the website content.
  • Easy to use integrated text editor
    Orbit offers an integrated WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) text editor, making it easy to edit body text, adjusting text styling and add bulleted lists to your content.
  • Add new pages and edit or delete existing page content
    Add new pages and content to your website via a simple and intuitive user interface. Simply cut and paste plain text or type new content to update your page in an instant.
  • Page version control
    Keep track of all page updates with detailed logs of all changes made, and if required you can even roll back to a previous page version.
  • Content approval - draft mode
    Create new content save it while you work. Very useful for drafting, reviewing and signing-off new content prior to it going live.
  • File manager
    Orbit’s fully featured file upload manager takes care of publishing pdf files or images on your site.
  • Automated sitemap
    An up-to-date sitemap is an essential component of any website that enables your visitors (and the Search Engines) to quickly gain access to your site’s content. Orbit’s automated sitemap takes care of creating your sitemap and making sure it’s always up-to-date.
  • Customisable online form builder
    Set up your own online forms and make it easy for your visitors to supply their details, get in touch, or ask a question using a variety of fields including drop down menus, tick boxes and text fields. All forms come complete with CAPTCHA codes to prevent automated software from spamming the website.
  • Meta data management
    A must for any Search Engine friendly CMS - create keyword rich and unique pages titles, meta tags and image alt tags with ease.
  • Backup facility through administration area
    Orbit makes it easy to backup your website content with the click of a button. Choose between backing up your database and / or all site content including images and files.
  • Online help pages and integrated support
    Get instant help where and when you need it. Orbit’s help system is designed to maximise efficiency while being as ‘jargon-free’ as possible. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for in our online help files, or have found something that’s not working as it should, then simply raise a support request and one of our support technicians will respond within 24 hours.
  • Detailed user permissions
    Manage levels of access for site administrators, create editor groups, approve content, and maintain an audit trail of changes.
  • Graphical website statistics
    View essential site visitor statistics in real-time. We also integrate Google’s powerful website analytics package (Google Analytics) as standard, which enables you to track the number of visitors to your website, where they came from and what they did while they were there - all accessible directly from Orbit.
  • Automatic updates
    Our commitment to the ongoing development of Orbit means we regularly release and install new features and levels of functionality on your website every month. It is extremely important to us that your website is both secure and benefiting from all the latest features that we develop. We keep you informed of all updates that are released and our automatic error checking system constantly monitors all Orbit installations.
  • Multilanguage
    Appeal to an international market by displaying content in multiple languages. Note that to enable this functionality alternative language content must first be translated and added to the website via the Administration Interface.
  • Webpages branded with Favicons
    Favicons (short for FAVorites ICON) are the small logos that you see displayed beside the website address in the address bar of most browsers. Favicons also appear in favourites lists and bars and in the tabs of tabbed browsers such as IE7 and Firefox. We add favicons to all websites as standard to help strengthen your website/company identity through visual branding.
  • Multiuser Security
    Multi-user Security makes Orbit a true multi-user system, enabling multiple administrators to access Orbit simultaneously and make changes to the website using their own personal login details.The Multi-user Security module also provides administrators with advanced multi-user management tools that make it easy to control the level of access granted to each administrator and the changes they are able to make.
  • Document Management
    Provides you with the ability to upload documents to Orbit and save them in a specified folder. The content of this folder can then be displayed on your site and made available for download. The module is designed to handle multiple uploads of files (such as PDFs or Word documents) at the same time. Documents stored using the Document Library module can also be easily linked to from within the content on your website.
  • Security Lock Down
    We take website security very seriously - we do everything we can to prevent hackers from compromising your website. OrbitCMS is automatically locked down if a potential hacking threat is detected.
  • Full Training
    We provide initial full training, for one user, on the use of OrbitCMS. Using Orbit Quick Support – a simple, fast and secure, over the Internet solution – we can instantly access your computer remotely and will take you on a tour of the Orbit administration interface. You'll quickly learn how to update your website yourself. We can connect with you within seconds without the need to install any software. To give us access you supply us with a system generated security password and once you have finished and logout, the session expires immediately preventing any further access without a new security password. The control is completely in your hands.


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