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September 2014 Updates

29th Sep 14

September has provided us with two new modules: Portfolio, and Page Layouts.

The portfolio module is great for showcasing various projects that your company has been working. With support for unlimited images, any number of fields related to your industry, and other related projects, this module is a must to showcase just what your company is capable of doing.

The page layout module is relatively simple yet extremely effective. Previously some generic pages that had no real functionality would require being edited via the page editor. For the most part this is fine but sometimes the design can be very creative and is hard for clients to replicate. This module solves that but providing a quick and easy form to fill out and then Orbit does the rest. Simple!

Here is a list of the most notable changes to Orbit this past month:

  • Orbit
    Added new Orbit logo in preparation for the new design
  • Image Slideshow
    Add support for the duration of slides including being able to have slides not auto play
  • Social Media
    Added support for Facebook tokens that don't expire after 60 days requiring the client to log back into Facebook
  • Modules Library
    Added new functionality to render preset module templates based on Bootstrap
  • Content Management System
    Performance and security updates

If you have any questions on the future road map of Orbit, or have any support questions, please feel free to send them through via the support area once logged into the CMS.

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