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November 2014 Updates

27th Nov 14

November has provided a very exciting month of Orbit development. Our new interface is almost ready for a beta release! In case you've missed it, we are currently redesigning the entire interface to bring it up to what you'd expect to see in a CMS for 2014/2015. It is clean, minimal, works well on tablets and touch devices, and designed in a way to not clash with the design of your site.

Google Analytics is now supported in the new version of Orbit. This will remove the current Orbit stats and provide real-time information from the Analytics account. Our goal is to provide you with a quick and simple glance as to how your site is performing and then send you off to the official Google Analytics website for more information.

Due to most development time going into the redesign we have only done a handful of updates to the existing branch of Orbit.

Here is a list of some of the notable updates released this month:

  • Widgets Library
    Added label support for checkbox input fields
  • Content Management System
    Added auto cache update of files included by Orbit in all pages
  • jQuery - Galleria
    Latest release of Galleria jQuery plugin - Improved support for modern browsers including a fix for Chrome and a shaking effect in Firefox

If you have any questions on the future road map of Orbit, or have any support questions, please feel free to send them through via the support area once logged into the CMS.

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