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March 2017 Updates

31st Mar 17

We've been concentrating this month on getting the eCommerce module ready for release and we're very excited to be able to offer this to all our clients from today onwards. A big thank you to all those who helped beta test the new version before the release. This update has been the largest of all module updates due to the huge amount of functionality built into it. If you are using the module go and take a look and let us know what you think.

Our Page Layouts Module has also had a big update in behind the scenes which now allows for dynamically creating a page with rows & columns. The update does require a change in settings for your site so you won't notice anything new after the update. If you're interested in making use of the new builder then let us know and we can look at getting it setup on your website.

Besides the above, there have been a bunch of behind the scenes updates applied as well to help keep your site secure and running smoothly.

Here are some of the other noteworthy updates that have occurred over the last month:

Page Layouts Module
Added new advanced page building mode for sites that support Bootstrap. This mode allows for constructing pages according to rows and columns.

If you have any questions on the future road map of Orbit, or have any support questions, please feel free to send them through via the support area once logged into the CMS.

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