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June 2016 Updates

29th Jun 16

We're excited to have now released the latest version of our Image Slideshow Module. This module is heavily used for displaying fading or animated banners throughout clients' websites as well as being used as a simply photo gallery. Along with the update we've made a change to how images are assigned to specific pages. Previously there was a long list of pages to the left of the thumbnails whereas now it is located above the thumbnails to the right. We feel this makes much more sense as you can now easily see the pages within the context of your website site map.

We've also begin on one of our larger modules - the Real Estate Module. We're aiming to have this rolled out next month and then we'll be moving on to our e-Commerce Module.

As always, if anyone is interested in helping test out any of these modules - or has any features they'd like to see - then please get in touch.

Here are some of the other noteworthy updates that have occurred over the last month:

Added in ability to show PayPal's logo on the cart and checkout pages

Google Maps
Performance and security enhancements

Image Slideshow
Updated interface to match new Orbit 1.7 theme

Payment Gateway Library
Improved support for new security implementations by PayPal

Content Management System
Performance and security updates

If you have any questions on the future road map of Orbit, or have any support questions, please feel free to send them through via the support area once logged into the CMS.

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