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July 2014 Updates

31st Jul 14


Orbit updates are back into the full swing of things. Along with the new design we are pushing out a number of updates to our other popular modules.

Our next big roll out will be pushing out the latest version of the eCommerce module. A number of clients have an early release so they will be the first to be upgraded followed by those with older installs. We're confident everyone is going to love the new changes to the UX as well as many new bundled features.

Here is a list of the most notable changes to Orbit this past month:

  • Blog
    Improved notification of errors when posting from iOS devices.
  • Form mail
    Includes new error reporting for sites built on Bootstrap to be consistent across all browsers
  • Image Slideshow
    Performance and security enhancements including an issue where some captions were lost when re-ordering slides
  • Social Media
    Twitter now supports profile pictures from whomever tweeted or retweeted
  • Content Management System
    Added support for pages and modules to utilize Facebook's Open Graph and define how pages get shared across Facebook


If you have any questions on the future road map of Orbit, or have any support questions, please feel free to send them through via the support area once logged into the CMS.

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