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April 2013 Updates

4th Apr 13

March proved to be a very busy time for OrbitCMS with most modules getting some important tweaks under the hood. Here is the list of updates that have been rolled out:

  • Blog
    Added support for Facebook meta tags to improve sharing accuracy
  • Photo Gallery
    Added support for Galleria jQuery library for an enhanced slideshow experience
  • Testimonial Module
    Improved support when integrating with the e-Commerce module
  • Mailing List
    Improved support for add/editing newsletters while using an iPad
  • Formmail
    Added support to use unique captcha codes for when multiple forms are used on a single web page
  • Simple Photo Gallery
    Extended dots theme support to use numbers instead of dots or thumbnails
  • Imaging Library
    Bug fix when resizing some GIF images
  • TinyMCE
    New features, improved browser support and various bug fixes
  • Verification Code
    Added support for custom sessions which allows for multiple captcha codes to be displayed on a web page at the same time
  • Content Management System
    Performance and security updates
  • Page Editing
    Updated to use the latest version of TinyMCE. Now includes a warning if you navigate away from a page without saving as well keeping a cached copy of the page in case the page is accidently closed down or auto logged off

There have been two standout features added during March. The first is in relation to the page editing experience. We have updated the WYSIWYG editor which provides with a much needed feature. A new "Restore Draft" button is available. Every 20 seconds or so the copy of page will be saved locally on  your machine. In the event that your browser crashes, or you are automatically logged out (due to lack of use) you will now be able to recover the content of the page you were working on! All you need to do is click this icon and all your text will be nicely recovered. If you have more than one area you can edit on the site then you will need to do this on each area. Also, if you accidently navigate away from a page you were working on a nice prompt will double check that you want to leave without saving.

The other feature worth noting is for those who are using the Blog module. We can now adjust your website template and provide some extra "meta" data which specifically tells Facebook what parts of the page (including images) it should be using when people like or share a blog post. Facebook does try and "guess" what should be used but it makes things a lot easier when we can tell it to use "this image" and "that text".

If you have any questions on the future road map of Orbit, or have any support questions, please feel free to send them through via the support area once logged into the CMS.

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