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Latest Updates - August 2017

25th Aug 17
Your monthly Orbit CMS Subscription fee not only entitles you to free on-going help desk support, but it also includes feature updates to the Orbit Software and any improvements made to address any potential security vulnerabilities, as they are identified and resolved. It is extremely important to us that your website...
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April & May 2017 Updates

26th May 17
We've had a concentrated last couple of months on some big projects here. One of our projects has provided us with the opportunity to really expand the offerings of our Layouts Module. For those who aren't aware of the module it offers the facility to have a drag and drop facility...
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March 2017 Updates

31st Mar 17
We've been concentrating this month on getting the eCommerce module ready for release and we're very excited to be able to offer this to all our clients from today onwards. A big thank you to all those who helped beta test the new version before the release. This update has been...
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January & February 2017 Updates

22nd Feb 17
We are well underway in the new year now and Orbit has had a flurry of updates going on. We trust everyone is firmly back in the flow of work now and keeping your websites up-to-date. We have two new modules converted over to the new theme framework: Mail a Friend...
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December 2016 Updates

21st Dec 16
Christmas is so close now you can almost smell that hot ham! We've just pushed out the final updates for 2016 - mostly just fixes and minor improvements to a couple of modules. It has been a great year for Orbit with many new features and developments taking place. We're really...
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November 2016 Updates

30th Nov 16
With only a few weeks left before Christmas this will be our last major update for the year with December likely to only include minor revisions where needed. We've been very pleased with how well the beta testing of Orbit in SSL mode has gone and we have now formulated a...
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October 2016 Updates

27th Oct 16
There has been a real flurry of activity in the Orbit development team throughout October. With the huge push these days from the major web browsers to go secure, and thanks to the amazing uptake of our clients to purchase SSL certificates, we're delighted to now have Orbit updated to run...
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August & September 2016 Updates

28th Sep 16
This month’s blog covers a 6-week period of updates due to a significant update required to Orbit to work better with a new CDN we are trialling - Cloud Flare. Using a CDN for your website can significantly improve page loading times for your audience worldwide as your website resources will...
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July 2016 Updates

29th Jul 16
As mentioned last month, our primary focus for July was on our Real Estate module and we're happy to announce that we have it ready for release. The new version comes with a complete overhaul to the backend interface. The new interface not only brings it in line with the new...
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June 2016 Updates

29th Jun 16
We're excited to have now released the latest version of our Image Slideshow Module. This module is heavily used for displaying fading or animated banners throughout clients' websites as well as being used as a simply photo gallery. Along with the update we've made a change to how images are assigned...
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